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BRIDGES is Connected to FABRIC

May 11, 2023

The BRIDGES and FABRIC network research facilities (both projects of the US National Science Foundation) are now interconnected at 100Gbps.

This allows US network researchers using the FABRIC testbed (spanning the continental US) to reach their European collaborators over the BRIDGES trans-Atlantic network research facilities also at 100Gbps. BRIDGES also provides computational platforms at each of these four locations for VMs and/or other in-network experimental resource needs at 10Gbps and 100Gbps.

BRIDGES delivers 100Gbps layer 2 network research connectivity between US and Europe to key exchange points at "WIX" in Washington DC, "NetherLight" in Amsterdam, as well as network nodes present in Paris and New York City.

For researchers and potential users of BRIDGES, please visit Contact Page to submit your requirements and information.

For more information on how to leverage BRIDGES or FABRIC for your distributed applications/network research, visit www.bridges-testbed.net or www.fabric-testbed.net

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