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BRIDGES Testbed User Group Meeting

June 14, 2023


We are arranging a meeting on June 14, 10:00AM - 12:00PM US EDT to provide the progress made by the BRIDGES cyber infrastructure and bring the research application users to become familar with its capacilities for the deployment.

The meeting will be held via zoom and we will send you the link upon your confirmation of attendance.

You may want to share the link below with others who may be interested in this meeting:
with the credential to login:
username: bridges@gmu.edu
password: bridges


  1. Bijan Jabbari George Mason University (GMU)
  2. Jerome Sobieski George Mason University (GMU)
  3. Ciprian Popoviciu East Carolina University (ECU)
  4. Liang Zhang George Mason University (GMU)
  5. Albert Su Sorbonne Univ
  6. Cees de Laat University of Amsterdam
  7. Hassane Kahich Sorbonne Univ
  8. Henry Birge-Lee SBAS, Princeton
  9. Joe Mambretti Northwestern University
  10. John Hess Energy Sciences Network

  11. Joseph Hill University of Amsterdam
  12. Marten Gartner SCION, Otto von Guerick Univ - Magdeburg, DE
  13. Martin Seidel FAU
  14. Peter Kaufman DFN - German R&E network
  15. Sasha Schweiger FAU
  16. Susanne Naegele-JacksonFAU Erlangen
  17. Tom Lehman FABRIC
  18. Xi Yang Energy Sciences Network
  19. Yixin Sun SBAS, Univ of Virginia - Charlottesville

Meeting Achievement:

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Future Plan of BRIDGES:

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