Who can use BRIDGES?

BRIDGES' purpose is to bind research projects in the US with their collaborators in the EU. BRIDGES facility is available to qualified researchers exploring advanced networking and/or [globally] distributed computing systems and applications in either US or EU. Qualified researchers include anyone associated with University research programs or their bona fide collaborators (including collaborators who may be outside those two regions but actively involved in the collaboration, co-PI at SMEs, etc.

Access to services and features of the BRIDGES infrastructure is managed and coordinated by the BRIDGES PIs and staff. BRIDGES is NOT a production network and so it should be expected to turn "unavailable" from time to time unexpectedly. In general, BRIDGES supports a policy of "equitable reciprocity" - i.e. researchers who wish to use BRIDGES as noted above are expected to offer a fair and reasonable reciprical access to facilities on their other side of "The Pond". Our goal is to promote international collaboration on advanced networking and distributed scientific cyberinfrastrcuture systems and applications. BRIDGES is a shared facility so users should not expect to monopolize its resources. Researchers who use BRIDGES are expected to provide a brief progress update twice each year to inform BRIDGES management of accomplishments that were enabled by BRIDGES and pointers to related publications etc."


In general, BRIDGES is free to use.

BRIDGES does not charge for use of the facility by by qualified research projects (not at this time.) There may be some upfront costs involved to connect other networks or other testbeds to a BRIDGES node (such as port expansion or crossconnect fees.) These are generally born by the connecting netwowrk or project. Please contact BRIDGES management to discuss the technical options/costs of connecting to BRIDGES."

Project Registration

Please provide some background on your research project and your team in the attached registration form so that we can get your program online and using BRIDGES.

This information will be reviewed by the BRIDGES administrator and should be approved within 24 hours.